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17/10/2017 06:54
Race News


Gomez pulled a very impressive routine and won the title in Pro Freestyle. However, Lee Stone made a point to the spectators when he started his routine by pulling out a massive double back flip. After doing a couple of tricks his engine wouldn’t start and he continued his showed on a borrowed ski. According to the IJSBA rules he is not allowed to do that and he did not get any points for doing so many impressive tricks on a unknown ski.

The race was intense since in first moto Gyorgy Kasza won and Burbayea finished in second place. In moto 2 Burbayea took the lead and he never looked back. He pulled away from his teammate Mohammad Albaz while Kasza lost crucial time behind him in third place. When he finally passed Albaz it was too late to catch up with Burbayea. Team Kuwait was thrilled with the Burbayea’s great win.

Quinten Bossche made a point at Pro Ski Modified with his four holeshots and the wins in the first two motos. However, luck was not on his side and the overall title went to Frenchman Jeremy Poret.

Well the hunt is over. I finally after chasing the Pro-AM Runabout Limited title for 4 years won the world title! And I did it my first year racing for Yamaha on my 2017 GP1800 stock ski! I can't thank everyone that helped make it happen and all the sponsors enough.

Start under rough conditions.

Friday afternoon Julian Beaumer wins another world title in very rough conditions. His MX riding experience brought this outstanding result.

Dustin Farthing competed in GP Sport class and he managed to win the class and proving that he is still on a very fast pace when he rides the right equipment.