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20/06/2018 07:02
Race News


Final results of F1 Class. Winners pictured on the podium.

View the official results of F2 Class by clicking the attachment. Winner pictured.

View the official results of F3 Class by clicking the attachment. Winner pictured.

Another great event in the history of Jet Raid. Lots of things happened in the final day – Day 5 – of the race and the podium places were altered apart from the first place that it was already clinched by Jean-Bruno Pastorello who has won the F1 Class and the Overall race too for seventh time. Bruno Vincendeau climbed to second place while Cedric Lamy after being injured from Day 2 he never quit and after many incidents he managed to get the third place in F1 Class. It is worth noting that Jean-Marc Duhki who was racing in F3 Class he rode exceptionally and he climbed in 6th place on his Natural Aspirated powered watercraft. Aquino/Ratoin won the F3 Class while Engels/Tomas were the winners of F2 Class.

On the last day of Akropolis Jet Raid 2018 two riders –Manu Cherici and Antonis Kokas – both in 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the General Classification broke down at noon and did not manage to finish the stage. Kokas was riding very close with Pastorello when he broke down his supercharger while Cherici had his brand new Lithium battery broken. Cherici announced that since his is loosing valuable points he will not continue racing in the afternoon motos. This means that Cedric Lamy will climb in the top three of the General Standing and possibly David Chassier too. Spanish rider Juanma Cuevas also broke down and he did not manage to earn some more points. He had some issues mid week too due to the fuel pressure regulator so he had missed one and a half day of racing activities.

A very tough and difficult return from Milos Island back to Epistopy in Kythnos. A distance of 80km that was covered under wavy conditions. A few riders run out of gasoline, however Cedric Lamy won the stage since he managed to find the Phantom way point before Jean-Bruno Pastorello who was in the lead but he finished third. After a short break the riders had to travel in race mode for 125km in order to return back to Oropos base camp of Akropolis Jet Raid 2018. At this time of the day the waves were tough and difficult to follow (read). Some riders had to use the extra can of fuel in order to make it to the shore and others still had run out of fuel completely. Antonis Kokas run out of fuel although he was in the lead. Manu Cherici and Sebastien Biondi did not finish and had to retire due to mechanical issues so they were picked up from port of Laurio. The final stage of the day was the Oval Race which was carried out in Oropos. The wavy conditions made the whole race more interesting. Jean-Bruno Pastorello was simply in a class of his own and by lap 5 he started lapping the slower riders. He won the moto and as a result he extended his points lead in the overall standings as well as in F1 class. Cherici and Kokas are in 2nd and 3rd respectively however the remarkable fact is that Jean-Marc Duhki is in 7th place in the General Classification although he is riding a Natural Aspirated boat. Click the attachment to view the results of the General Classification.

Jean-Bruno Pastorello masters the difficult wavy conditions in Mylos Island and extends his lead in the General Classification as well as in F1 Class standings. Manu Cherici and Antonis Kokas are respectively in 2nd and 3rd place. View the official results by clicking the attachment sign.