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29/04/2017 07:05
Race News


Multi National and World Champion Chris MacClugage simply in a class of his own. Photo courtesy:P1AquaX

First Round of P1AquaX was held in Florida and the French riders appeared to be unstoppable no matter how rough the sea was. Valentin Dardillat was in a perfect shape and he won all three motos of the event. Brice Lopez after finishing 3-2-5 respectively in the three motos he managed to clinch a second overall in front of Steven Loiodice who made a 6-3-3 finish. Therefore, in Daytona Beach there was no American rider to challenge the French invasion. Official results on: http://www.p1aquax.co.uk/race-results/us/2017/all/all/84222

A gret homeplace win for Chris MacClugage in the first Round of P1AquaX in Daytona Beach. His win in the third moto gave him the overall win in Runabout Pro Enduro class ahead of Eric Francis and Aero Aswar. The top three finishers were riding Yamaha Runabouts which was a superb score for the Japanese manufacturer. Mike Klippenstein was unlucky since he lost crucial time repairing the broken ecu plug on his Yamaha. Rius got hurt on his spine after landing from a bike wave jump. Frenchman David Chassier ahd a nasty moment with Chris MacClugage however, the successful American rider did not pay attention to his sayings. Official rerults as posted: http://www.p1aquax.co.uk/race-results/us/2017/all/all/84222

Peter de Smet put it in his own words: “So we had a great start of the new season at our Belgian Championship, 86 riders 100 inscriptions what else to say about ! guys like Kevin Reiterer on the line and with what ski? The new Kawasaki 1500 SXR. His first ride his first impression, this is the first battle in history with this new watercraft. Quinten Bossche on his new triple Kawasaki, Pierre Guilbert on a new 1500 SXR after being for years on a Yamaha SuperJet, (French ski lites champion 2016) so the battle was on. As we had no space and time in our schedule to create a extra class the SXR's could only race in GP class. Kevin's ski was stock class version with a ECU reflash /sponson kit from BNJ Parts and some impeller work with Benjamin Francois. Pierre Guilbert same stock class version SXR with a ECU reflash, BNJ Parts sponson kit and a good impeller job done by Robby Jet the game was on the new Kawasaki where directly in the lead. Even Cedric Eeckhout was showing up in front with a bone stock 1500 SXR. Finally Quinten fought hard to get 1 win out of 3 motos and 2 second places but Kevin took the upperhand with 2 wins and won the overall of the day. Quinten ended up in second place and Pierre Guilbert with a very nice holeshot in the second moto and yes we are talking about GP class, this is a story to follow. The new SXR-1500 is on its way to dominate the whole racefield in the upcoming season and many more to follow. Again, many thanks to all athletes for the nice battles , can't wait for the next round.” Click the attachment to view the Official results of all classes.

Leave everything else behind!

Multi-National and World Champion Mike “Canadian Ace” Klippenstein of Klipper Racing dominated Pro Stock Runabout and Pro Runabout GP class on board his R&D Pro Stock tuned Yamaha GP1800R. On Sunday he took the holeshot in both classes and he managed to beat Nicolas Rius and his Riva 22pounds of boost Open class Yamaha in Pro Runabout GP class. On Saturday night Klippenstein worked with Bill Chapin of R&D to fine tune his GP1800R and to ensure that his ski would dominate on Sunday’s racing motos. “A great day winning pro stock and pro GP Runabout classes today. This weekend was the first time I raced sit downs on a closed course track in many many years. Many changes and testing done over the weekend with the never surrender attitude to make This great 2017 212 Yamaha GP 1800 even better. The 212 R&D Racing team never gave up in getting the set up right over the past few days. We went 1st overall in both classes. Best team ever and awesome starts. Thanks Charles Anderson and all the great sponsors: Yamaha Motor Corp., R&D Racing, Mcmurray TV, Fisher power line, Gasket Technology, Quakysense, Hurricane Industries, BP Concepts, Works H2O Designs, Chucks Speed Shop, Fly 360, Kali Helmets, Oakley USA, Jet Trim, Maxima Racing Oils, Skat Trak, Blackfoot Motorsports, and Ken Gallagher for the great photos.” Photo courtesy: Ken Gallagher

History in the books... First official close course Sxr 1500 race wins this weekend. Huge thanks to R&D Racing for this awesome set up. Months of hard work went into this build by Bill Chaplin, Glenn Dickinson, and test rider Joel Thayer. Huge thanks to them for the ultimate 212 pro stock race package and to all the 2017 212 sponsors: R&D Racing, Mcmurray TV, Fisher power line, Gasket Technology, Quakysense, BP Concepts, Hurricane Industries, Works H2O Designs, Chucks Speed Shop, Fly 360, Kali Helmets, Oakley USA, Jet trim, Maxima Racing Oils, Skat Trak. RRP Blackfoot Motorsports. Photo courtesy: Ken Gallagher