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28/06/2017 06:53
Race News


Lebas and Janou managed to win the F2 class ahead of Philippe Herve – Agostihno Concalves, Olya Antoniuk - Nastia Zinnchenko and Panagiotis Panousis – Manos Panousis.

Jean-Bruno Pastorello wins Akropolis Jet Race for sixth time in seven years that the race is being held in Greece. View the complete list of the Official Results. There will be a complete report of the race published by tomorrow. Let the party begin…

Pastorello wins the Navigation Time Moto on Saterday morning and he is going straight for the title of Akropolis Jet Raid 2017. Fastest Greek rider was rookie Leandros Tsakas at seventh place with 0:49.25 Navication Timed Moto 1.Jean-Bruno Pastorello – 0:45.17 2.Jean-Marc Duhki – 0:45.42 3.Paulo Dias – 0:46.43 4.Bruno Vincendeau – 0:47.29 5.Cedric Lamy – 0:48.04 6.Eric Lebas – Philippe Jannou – 0:48.50 7.Leandros Tsakas – 0:49.25 8.Olivier Vidal – 0:49.25 9.Philippe Herve – Agostihno Goncalves – 0:50.17 10.Wilfred Colboc – 0:51.51 11.Sebastien Bruno – 0:53.17 12.Antonis Kokas – 0:53.17 13.Bruno Mialon – 0:54.11 14. Charpentier – 0:56.08 15.Akis Malouchos – 1:00.02 16.Olya Antoniuk – Nastia Zinnchenl

Jean-Bruno Pastorello took the lead from the start and he flew to another win. Top five:1.Jean-Bruno Pastorello, 2.Bruno Vincendeau, 3.Cedric Lamy, 4.Jean-Marc Duhki, and 5.Dias.

Team Pastorello mechanics and Akis Maloucho’s support crew were having lunch on the beach while trying to repair the broken hull of the Greek rider’s Kawasaki. Who said that Akropolis Jet Raid is boring? This is a real adventure.

Day 4 of Akropolis Jet Raid and the riders departed from the magnificent Island of Skopelos (Elios city) in order to go to Lalaria of the nearby Island of Skiathos. When they arrived at Lalaria they had to slow down in order to pass through the beautiful rocky tunner and then take the root back to the port of Skiathos Island. Pastorello, Lamy and Vincendeau were the top three finisher. At the rocky tunnel Duhki slowed down too much and he hit his Yamaha on the rock while Greek racer Akis Malouchos tried to avoid another rider further down and he damaged a lot the rear part of his Kawasaki hull by passing above the rocks. Pastorello maintains the lead in the classification even after the GP moto of 10 laps that it was held in front of the port of Skiathos.

After a small connecting stage which was an actual race riders arrived in Elios city where they refueled in order to compete in an Oval race from Elios to the opposite Island and back. Five laps were more than enough to make them feel even more tired. Meanwhile Greek rider Akis Malouchos was putting a new engine in his ski however he did not finish of on time in order to compete. Pastorello won in a class of his own ahead of Vincendeau and Duhki and he extended his lead in the points. The evening was concluded the mini awards ceremony in the square of the city with a typical local dinner served to the riders and crews.