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28/06/2017 06:53


From Riva. Brand new vests for personal watercraft and watersports are available from Riva at lower prices up to 30% off. Big shaving on new vest so get on line to order yours.

The camp of Akropolis Jet Raid 2017 is situated in Alikes Beach of Volos. 30+ riders from different countries are pitting over there. Mr Agis along with Zoi and Irene are making sure that riders, teams and spectators are not thirsty and that they have enough food to keep them going.

Designed and fabricated parts by the Japanese company Unlimited. A new option for the X-2 enthusiasts.

Designed and handcrafted this unique set of mat and sides were made out of 10 different pieces. Jetrim is well known for its outstanding quality of materials that last for years. No wonder Kommander Industries always use their products. Photo courtesy: Dustin Motzouris

The best locations to have fun with your family and to experience a unique taste of kind of watersports. Jet Ski rentals, Flyboard and Hoverboard courses, Jetpack, parachutes and much more are available to the customers. The outstanding Networx crew has been professionally trained to provide you the best possible fun with maximum safety. If you are in the Philippines or if you are visiting Philippines make sure that you will not miss it. Find more about Networx Jetsports in the story published in the Features section.

Thank you for visiting us and for doing some of our stuff Playboy Philippines! Hope you had a good one. 'Til your next ride here at Networx Jetsports, King of Water sports... Summer ain't over yet for these girls!

That actually has a Kawasaki 1500 SX-R bottom. It this real? Certainly the new SDC Trak ski is bigger and if you notice the ride plate it looks familiar too. We should know more about it soon.