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20/06/2018 07:02


Gyorgy Kasza has introduced his brand new top deck for the Kawasaki SX-R. The main feature is that the tray is lowered so the riders feet step almost under the driveshaft. It is made of carbon fiber and costs 2000euro (and another 500euro for the hood). According to Kasza it enhances the overall ergonomics and provides better handling. It weighs 15kg compare to the oem unit that weighs 40kg. For more info and orders contact Gyorgy Kasza.

The R&D Big Cam Engine Idle Tuner kit is a simple bolt on parts kit that works to remove the O.E.M. AIC (Air Idle Control) Stepper Motor from the throttle body, and replace it with a fully adjustable, all billet needle valve assembly. The R&D Kit allows precision Idle air volume adjustments to be made and securely locked down when Higher Lift, Larger Duration Camshaft kits are used/installed, along with tighter LSA (Lobe Separation Angle) packages. As Camshaft Lifts/Durations, and aggressive LSA adjustments are made, Engine Vacuum drops or lowers, and engine idle becomes more difficult or almost impossible to stabilize or control, especially with the OEM Vacuum Referenced AIC Motor. The OEM AIC is calibrated to concentrate to a much higher Vacuum, therefore aggressive RPM Hunting and Engine Stalling occurs when big cams are installed. The R&D Big Cam Idle Tuner will work to allow a perfect Engine Speed Idle (RPM) with any Camshaft kit, and with just about any LSA Package all the way up to super aggressive R&D RC4 Kits! Super easy to install in 5 minutes, and very easy to adjust! The R&D Idle Tuner Kit fits on all Kawasaki STX-12F/STX-15F/Ultra LX/Ultra 250X/SXR, all years. Available from R&D WITH Part Number: Pt. # 611-81520 at the cost of $74.95

The R&D line up of High Performance Fuel Pumps for the SXR 1500 are All Fuel friendly, and also E-85 compatible. R&D SXR 1500 Fuel Pumps kits directly replace and specifically fit the Kawasaki SXR fuel pump housing with zero modifications required! R&D offers a basic 90 LPH OEM replacement pump, as well as a 100 LPH High Performance/High Pressure Pump Kit. The R&D High Performance Pump Kit will work great as an upgrade for all Modified Engine Packages with High Compression Pistons/Camshafts/1600cc Kits. The R&D Racing Fuel Pump will outperform the OEM fuel pump with its internal turbine design by flowing 10-15 percent more fuel at 43 pounds of fuel pressure. The R&D Fuel Pumps fit all SXR fuel pickup assemblys 2017 up/All Models. No modifications necessary to install. Fuel Pump kits are also supplied with a new Fuel Pump Filter, and complete install instructions! Also Available is a replacement fuel pressure regulator. Pt. # 811-31500 R&D SXR 1500 90 LPH OEM Replacement Fuel Pump Kit Pt. # 811-31501 R&D SXR 1500 100 LPH Racing Fuel Pump Kit (200-250 H.P.) Pt. # 811-31505 R&D SXR 1500 Fuel Pressure Regulator (OEM replacement)

Designed and painted by Takashi Nagai of Nagai Designs.

These parts are made in Thailand. The person who makes them has also made a shorter lightweight carbon hull with the scope to increase the top speed of this ski. Also, a complete carbon oem spec hull has been made and is under testing.

The R&D SX-R Billet Adjustable Pump Cone Kit is a simple bolt on part designed to work with the OEM Pump, and stock venturi nozzle diameter. The R&D kit works to add additional length over the OEM cone, and comes complete with tuning spacers. The extended length allows custom rpm tuning, reduced cavitation, and adds additional pump thrust performance. Precision tuning the pump cones length with the kit included cone spacers will enable you perfectly tune your pump for maximum thrust, superior holeshot, improved acceleration, and boosted top speed performance. Precision CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, anodized for corrosion resistance and o-ring sealed for leak free pump bearing protection. The R&D Cone Kit offers precise prop/rpm/nozzle tuning and higher top speeds over interchangeable nozzle rings set-ups, guaranteed. Pt. # 161-00806 (Fits OEM Pump specifically) Pt. # 161-00807 (Fits SOLAS Pump specifically)

A smart idea for those who intend to work on the oem waterbox. SE designed and fabricated a support bracket for those who plan to cut out the oem fiberglass unit. The Mounting is tightened with m8 bolt in the drive shaft housing. Additionally adhesive compound is used to glued it on the bottom. The Production Part will also include an FRP unit. The Japanese company has not made the actual production unit yet. Photo courtesy: SE Speedmagic