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21/04/2018 08:22


The R&D Crankcase Ventilation Kit is specifically designed for the SX-R works to add additional crankcase ventilation to substantially lower crankcase pressure and reduce crank room heat. Lowering the crankcase pressure will work to keep oil from pressure migrating out of the engine in high performance applications. The R&D crankcase ventilation kit is a must install part when using 14-1 piston kits, or R&D Big Bore Kits. The R&D Kit comes with all needed hardware to adapt and install the kit, and installation instructions. Available from R&D with Pt. # 215-15005

Rickter RRP recently launched a whole new handlepole, the Carbon Billet X Lite Handlepole. According to the Canadian company it is the lightest adjustable handlepole in the stand-up watercraft industry. It is extra light, extra strong and features a Stealth looking all 100% carbon top piece. The new optimized Billet X Lite technology reduces weight for the middle and bottom parts. Black aluminum tubes are standard or optional carbon tubes with reduced weight and compliment the stealth aesthetics. The CBX handlepole will be available in the Rickter-RRP standard colors: Red, Blue, Green, Black and Silver. The CBX pole is compatible with all RRP steering systems including the new Lightweight AST FAT steering system. Also, available are the new Rickter-RRP Carbon Fat28.6mm handlebars to reduce the overall weight even more. Te new CBX pole (top carbon, aluminum tubes and aluminum bottom) weighs 8.9lbs and with the carbon tubes the weight goes down to 6.8lbs which makes a big difference. The weight figures are for the handlepole only without the steering system and the bars. Its aluminum tube version has a retail price of $1199 while the carbon tube one goes up to $1369. If you need some data on handlepole weights: RRP Cast handlpole with aluminum tubes=12,3lbs, RRP Cast handlpole with carbon tubes=10,6lbs, RRP Billet handlepole with aluminum tubes=12,1lbs, RRP Billet handlepole with carbon tubes=10,4lbs, RRP Billet Lite handlepole with aluminum tubes=10,7lbs, RRP Billet Lite handlepole with carbon tubes=12,1lbs. So now, you have a reference point before you make your final choice.

This is RCJS 750 SS Electrical box mount for a 550 hull. Used when doing a 650, or 750 engine swap into a 440 or 550 hull, and running 750 electrics. Allows you to mount the Kawasaki 750SS full electric box to a 550 hull. Instalation is simple clean, and looks factory. 750 electrics have a timing curve built into the CDI, and will out perform 650 electrics. It is already available from WatCon for $35.00usd.

Frankie Zapata founder and owner of Zapata Racing made some live demonstrations of his Flyride apparatus in Arizona, at Sara Park, a place were mountain bike riders are usually going for a ride. Among the spectators was Bill Chapin of R&D who had the chance to talk with Frankie. Local photographer Ken Gallagher pictured both of them.

R&D has completely revised the SXR 1500 engine coupler/damper system to an updated design proven to work reliably with up to 400 H.P.! R&D started off with the KAWASAKI Ultra 310X damper, and worked from there re-designing the lug profile to offer a precision fit to the damper. The R&D billet aluminum design allows perfect engine to driveshaft coupler alignment, and delivers maximum strength and balance for high horsepower Kawasaki four stroke engines. The couplers are available with or without the Kawasaki damper. NOTE: The Kawasaki Ultra 310 damper handles 310 H.P. for years with zero wear and tear which made it a first choice for dampers. Fits SXR 1500 and STX-15F. Note; Pictured is Pt. # 611-01501 with Ultra 310 Damper installed. Now Available Pt. # 611-01500 without damper $299.95 Pt. # 611-01501 complete with Ultra 310 damper $359.95

PRICE IS WHAT YOU PAY, VALUE IS WHAT YOU GET:Our goal at Sydney Sea-Doo was to create the highest quality, most technically-advanced carbon fibre BRP Sea-Doo on the planet. Cost was no option. Derived from supercars championship DNA our complete hulls are a true structural piece unlike any offering on the PWC market. All threads are individually machined brass inserts in OEM location for exact fit. Throw in some American-made titanium fasteners and you have the Sydney Sea-Doo Performance Carbon L.EPhoto coustesy: Sydney Sea-Doo

Adhesive stud mount with hook. Great for aftermarket hulls for mounting fuel tank, water box, battery straps etc. Glue, or glass in. Comes as shown with hook for strap. https://www.watcon.com/adheasive-stud-mount