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18/08/2017 08:20


The R&D/Solas 12 Vein Stainless Steel Pump is a direct bolt-on performance upgrade. The one piece investment cast stainless steel pump offers improved bottom end acceleration, improved hook-up, and up to 2 mph top speed gain over the oem pump. Kit come complete with bearings, seals, shaft and pump cone. It is already available from R&D with part number Pt. #131-150000 at the price of $1089.00.

R&D/CP High Performance 10.6-1, 12.5-, 14-1, and 15-1 Forged Racing Piston Kits (15F/SXR1500). R&D Ultra Forged Racing Piston Kits have been developed for the race enthusiasts or precision engine builders who look to gain maximum horsepower from their racing engines using higher compression ratios. R&D offers high quality forged aluminum, heat treated, and CNC machined racing pistons in 10.6-1 (OEM), 12.5-1, 14-1 and super aggressive 15-1 compression ratios. Forged and CNC Machined pistons in High Performance marine applications are a must. Trust the pros at R&D with all your compression ratio, boost, and engine management needs or questions. Note: R&D is a development partner with CP Performance for all watercraft manufactures! Note: R&D/CP pistons will work in all Kawasaki 15F/SXR1500 Engines Main Features: Direct replacement piston kits for High H.P. applications. High quality forged materials replace low performance cast. Improved ring seal with Premium ring sets. Increased RPMs and horsepower by reducing weight. Compression Ratio Adjustable using R&D Racing Head Gaskets! (See Gaskets Available). R&D/CP (for OEM bore) Pt. # 431-35106 for 10.6-1 compression, OEM Replacement (4 Piston Kit) Pt. # 431-35125 for 12.5-1 compression (4 Piston Kit) Pt. # 431-35140 for 14-1 compression (4 Piston Kit) Pt. # 431-35150 for 15-1 compression (4 Piston Kit) R&D Kawasaki 1500 SX-R piston kits are already available at the retail price of $925.95.

Blowsion is pleased to announce Sensi-Sci as the presenting sponsor for the 2017 Blowsion Surf Slam. This partnership follows in Blowsion s history of out of the box thinking and open minded concepts. Sensi-Sci is a premier soil manufacturing company thriving in the ever growing legalized cannabis community. Based in beautiful southern Oregon, Sensi-Sci prides its self with bringing customers the highest quality, cannabis specific, organic soil blends possible. Whether its bulk or bagged they strive to bring quality and customer service to their industry. With Sensi-Sci s involvement in the 2017 Surf Slam it confirms their deep rooted passion for Surf Riding. Here are a few words from company founder Collin McLauchlin It was the natural next step to be more involved in the event. We are beyond stoked to be able to participate in such a great freeride event. Surf Slam is where it all began for most of us. I remember a few years back watching the pro line up of Zack Bright, Pete Mcafee, Mark Gomez, Darrin Anderson, Lawlor bros etc as they were boosting huge waves and loving life. Years later Im riding waves with the same guys! Im honored to be able to support the sport of freeride through sponsorships and support from team Sensi-Sci. We are a lifestyle as well as a thriving company. At the end of the day its all about the waves we slashed with our best friends

The R&D Power Collector was developed to directly replace the low performance O.E.M. 12F Kawasaki 4 into 2 into 1 Exhaust header collector with a modern Racing Design 4 into 1 Merge Collector. The R&D 4-1 Collector has a much larger area change and volume in the collector over the stock restrictive design. The headers primary tube lengths are changed to allow the header to work harder to better scavenge (evacuate) the cylinders exhaust pressures and gases. The R&D Power Collector design allows Higher Compression Ratios and Camshaft Kits to work to their True and Full Potential by getting rid of restrictions (allowing the engine to breathe), and having a Power Tuned design that will work hard to scavenge the cylinder as well as have a stronger and better tuned exhaust pressure wave timing. The R&D Collector has been Dyno Tested and Proven to allow noticeably Higher Peak Horse Power numbers to be achieved and most importantly, significantly increasing and broadened the torque curve with greater RPM carry over, or over run. The R&D Collector will allow aggressive camshaft LSA packages to work like never before on the Kawasaki 1500 engine! If you plan on building an OPEN CLASS race engine with higher compression ratios, the R&D Power Collector is a must have part! The Power Collector is 100% water jacketed and handcrafted using only the best stainless materials! Dyno Testing was performed by Factory Kawasaki on their Super Flow Dyno. Install the Power Collector on a properly and professionally ported head, with R&D camshafts, and a ported exhaust casting, and get 190-200 H.P. (50 HP over stock) Call R&D! NOTE: R&D Also offers the Power Collector with V-Band Collared connectors for Turbo Charged Applications! Now available with the part number Pt. #331-81500 with retail price of $1250.00.

Another view of the brand new R&D Exhaust Power Collector that is alrady available for the Kawasaki 1500 SX-R.

The Kawasaki SX-Rs stock engine cooling will quickly become inadequate in High Performance arena where Higher Compression Pistons and Camshaft kits, and aggressively timed ECU Packages are installed and used! The R&D Cooling kit for the SXR is very similar to the popular R&D Ultra 310R kit, where Engine Temperature and Oil Temperatures are addressed, and greatly reduced. The R&Ds Billet Multi-Port Extra Cooling Block is designed with additional cooling ports over the OEM cooling block. The Multi-Port Cooling Block directly replaces the OEM cooling block mounted to the pump, and allows for an additional Cooling Line (or additional lines) to be added. The R&D Kit adds an additional line direct to the engine which will reduce engine temperatures. The Kit also redirects water flow through the Oil Cooler to reduce oil temperatures. The Kit also works to reduce the amount of water being Pumped into the Water Box. The addition of the R&D Cooling Kit will work to ADD Throttle Response, as well as maintain higher top speed averages by getting rid of engine heat fade. Now available with part number Pt. #660-81500 at the cost of $284.00.

Christophe Girello owner of GoFastUS officially announced that the shop has a new address: Go Fast Us, 1761 West Acoma Blvd, 86403 Lake Havasu City AZ. You may contact him at Chrisgofastus@gmail.com or phone at 928 230 3344 Like every year let him know what you need before visiting town for the World Finals and he will make sure to have it for you when you arrive in town. Whether it is a Jet Ski tote, oil , VP Race fuel, ETS Race Fuel , Wet suit , any OEM or Racing parts and accessories .. trailers and many more Christophe can arrange it for you.