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17/10/2017 06:54


Jet Connection is an official distributor of R&D products. At the companys booth at the World Finals, spectators had the unique opportunity to view the brand new project of R&D, the turbocharged system for the Kawasaki SX-R as well as the new induction system (four-throttle body and air filter). For further enquires contact Jet Connection at: Phone (415) 507 9108 and (415) 507 9106 or via e-mail:jetconnection1@cs.com

Team Kawasaki installs to its race skis the brand new R&D Race Sponsons. The had tried some other ones in the past but the found out that those ones work better. Pictured Minoru Kanamori of Kawasaki KMC with Bill Chapin of R&D.

John Zigler owner of WatCon had a meeting with Eric Malone at Body Beach a day after the World Finals was over. The result of the meeting was that RCJS-WatCon has become an official dealer of EME products. You can now get all things EME here at Rock County Jet Ski WatCon. Contact WatCon for further information regarding the brand new Roid ski of EME.

The illustrated R&D Aquavein Intake Grate has been specifically designed for set-back pump applications. It is provides better hook up and dicects the water better on set-pump pumps. It improves handling and the ovreall performance of the Kawasaki 1500 SX-R. jJetskiworld.gr tested the pictured prototype on thre different skis. It will be available from R&D by the end of November.

The illustrated Kawasaki SX-R Project Ski was a secret project which was carried out by Minoru Kanamori and Bill Chapin (R&D). Among its many tricky parts it also features the brand new prototype four-throttle body intake system and the specifically designed for it camshafts. The complete review has been posted on Race Tests section. Read all about it.

An oustanding combination of a state of the art hull and very powerfull engine. The whole package turns out to be a unique weapon for the rider who is capable of riding it. Quinten Bossche made a point at the World Finals with his outstanding 4 holeshots and massive lead. The review will be published soon on Race Tests section.

The illustrated Kawasaki SX-R was specifically prepared by Blowsion for the World Finals. It features all new parts made by Blowsion and R&D. People that visited the Vendor Alley at the World Finals in Havasu had the unique opportunity to admire this ski at Blowsions booth. The plate number indicates the year started its business as a company in the jet ski scene.